Dog Health All Around Tips

A dog’s over all health can be determined by a visual check of the exterior of it’s body simply by looking a dog owner can spot potential problems before they get worse. We can start with the obvious most telling sign of a dog’s health and that is a visual check of the whole body.

Fur and Skin

A dog’s skin similar to a human should be a healthy pink color and the fur should not have patches of missing fur. Some dogs could actually have a skin irritation or a foul smell which is a sign of trouble. A dog should not have that “dog smell” that you find on some pets. Also, if there are patches of dry, flaky skin there could be health problems with: allergies in the diet. 

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Reading dog food labels these days will reveal hidden ingredients that can be very harmful to a dog’s skin. If your dog is itching, it needs further investigating by you and your vet. Dogs get itchy skin from a number of sources that could include glandular problems or diet deficiencies.

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Dog ideally should have nice white, sparkling teeth and dental health is just as important in dogs as it is in us human beings. Regular brushing with a dog toothpaste can save your dog’s teeth.  Raw food is an excellent way to keep your dog’s teeth healthy and also natural chewing sticks. My dog seems to know this because she chews on pliable sticks in the park where we go each day. Willow branches are her favorite and they are actually cleaning her teeth as she chomps on them. I always make sure to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn’t get little bits in her throat. Always, always supervise a dog when they are chewing on “anything” including toys. Tiny bits can be swallowed, and cause problems.


A dog’s gums are usually pink and healthy from the tooth to the upper jaw this area should be pink and healthy. Some dogs may also have darker portions of their gums that are a darker brown color and this is normal in many species of dogs. Gums that are a bright red color usually means an infection or a possible fever. If the gums are pale in color or a lighter pink the dog may have a health problem such as: low blood pressure. If the gums are grayish in color this requires further medical attention to check for a tooth infection.


Paws and Legs 

A dog’s legs carry it’s weight while running or walking and if you notice a limp while your dog is walking check out the paws and leg bones to see if there is pain when touched by your hand. Some dogs have bone problems that require further investigating such as a broke bone or a pulled muscle.  Your can run your hand along your dog’s legs to check for any spots that are hotter than others which means the dog’s body is healing that part or you may find lumps or bumps. 

Paws are susceptible to pesticides on grass, and if your dog is licking it’s paws rather frequently this also could be an irritation from chemicals, a bacterial infection, dermititis or even a yeast infection. Check in between the toes for redness or scaly material. Dogs should be able to run on all four paws without limping or pain.



A dog’s eyes can be an indicator of health or they can have some discharge, usually healthy eyes are bright, clear with whites being white. When there is a discharge there could be some source of dust or irritant in the eye itself. Again if a dog is itching it’s eyes that is a sign also of perhaps dry eyes, irritation or some infection. Usually you see this more vividly with white dogs, the discharge can color the fur around the eyes with a stain. There are remedies for simple eye stains that are harmless and organic to try first, to see if it goes away. For yourdog’s Eyes

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Even dogs get wax in their ears, and they can become infected with bacteria. If your dog is scratching it’s ears consistently or shaking the head there could be an ear problem. Usually you can smell each ear and find this out, if it smells stinky there could be an ear infection, or yeast infection just like people get occasionally. If a dog has healthy ears, they do not smell bad so this is a good indicator to get some help. These are just some helpful hints on assessing your dog’s health visually and can give you an idea of further investigating by a vet of your choice.

By these simple visual methods of giving your dog an examination you can fix the problem before it becomes more serious. Give your dog a check up today!

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Police Officer’s Pit Bull Pulls Owner to Safety on Train Tracks

In Shirley, Massachusetts Police Officer David Lanteigne doesn’t think Pitt bull dogs are dangerous not after a dog he had rescued from the pound, actually saved his mother’s life recently.

The Boston police officer rescued the dog Lilly an eight year old Pit Bull who bravely risked her own life, an amputation of her leg while pulling Officer Lanteigne’s mother off the train tracks when she fell and became unconscious.

Lilly went to the vet for her injuries after saving the life of her owner’s mother -Officer David Lanteigne In Mass.

Lilly pulled the unconscious woman and was hit by the oncoming train. David said “we always known she’s a special dog, she’s going to be OK and that’s the main thing. The dog is my mother’s life”.

Pit bull dogs have been cast in a bad light as dangerous or threatening to mankind, however these classifications are usually from people who do not know dogs very well. Specialist trainers know that dogs are not “born” dangerous they are made dangerous through the abusiveness of human beings.

Curated News:

MSN -Dog Hurt Dragging Owner Out of Path of Oncoming Train

Dogs That Help People See

Dogs That Help People See

Dogs have always been in service to mankind from rescuing to guiding and for helping people in seeing who happen to be blind.

Guide Dogs of America train dogs to help those without site and are a valuable gift to mankind.

At Guide Dogs of America, they provide dogs free of charge that help people see and are trained to assist in the mobility of blind people and help them live their lives with dignity and independence.


Jupiter Answers Questions

Updated: August 26, 2011  Jupiter the Cat Answers Questions

Jupiter Answers Questions We all wish our dogs and cats could actually speak but the uncanny part is they do have their own language. Jupiter the cat answers questions here and you would say he is quite the intelligent pet.

Jupiter the Cat- Answers Questions in this Video-July 5, 2011

 Jupiter the Cat answers questions as only a cat can from Talking Animals

If your dog needs joint support visit our Article: Joint Support for Dogs

Dog Illness Symptoms

Dog Illness Symptoms are clues as to how our dogs are feeling and if they are sick or have a health problem. Some of these signs are physically visible to pet owners but if you don’t understand the signs you can’t help your pet get better.

Here are Some Dog Illness Symptoms

Loss of Appetite or changes in eating habits may happen if your dog is not eating regularly it is a sign that it may be experiencing a stomach problem or problems ranging from digestive issues, or internal organ problems associated with digestion.  The dog’s appetitie should be regular unless it could be related to the type of food your using to feed your dog. Many associated illness with loss of appetite are: constipation, bowel diseases, urinary infections, the flu, gum disease and kidney diseases.

Commercial brands of dog food have additives that are harmful and the pet simply may be rejecting the food.  If this is so, change brands to an organic dog food available at your local pet food store.  ( Search the Yellow Pages or Internet -under Organic pet food).  A change in seasons may also be responsible for in the summer dogs will eat less and in the winter they eat more.

Bad Breath a dog’s breath should not be smelly and if it is most likely a digestion problem coming from the stomach. Or a dental problem, infection but usually it is digestion.

Make sure you clean and inspect your dog’s teeth as bacteria in the mouth can cause bad breath. It may sound silly but there are dog toothpastes on the market that you can use to brush your dog’s teeth daily. Dog food is also a culprit and the old saying goes: Garbage in and garbage breath. Natural chews like Bully Sticks can help to keep your dog’s teeth clean and a healthier breath.

Dog Illness SymptomsPhoto: Dog Illness Symptoms can be visible for Pet Owners


Change in Behavior are clearly a sign that your dog maybe sick if it chooses to sleep all day, or lacks energy to get outdoors and play. If your pet shows a change in a regular routine it can be a physical problem. Or, if your dog snaps at you, becomes lethargic or tired, it could be that your dog is sick.  If this pattern extends beyond a few days, take a closer look at your pet or take it to a vet. Sometimes a dog will have arthritic symptoms and will not wish to be as energetic due to pain in the joints.  Watch to see if your dog limps or favors one leg or the other, or holds one leg up while walking or running. This is an indication of pain or bone problems and get it checked out.

A Dry Nose it may sound like an old wives tale but a dry nose on a dog is a sign the dog is sick or is not drinking enough clean, pure water. Today, water has a lot of impurities and pet owners are wise to use purification filters for pets and not just use tap water.

Monitor how much water your dog drinks each day and leave water bowls inside and outside especially put them in the shade.  In the summer heat, a dog should not be outdoors in hot weather for more than 20 minutes.  If the dog is panting or it’s tongue is hanging on the side of its mouth, the dog is getting very dehydrated. Always encourage your dog to drink water for it detoxes and flushes impurities out of the body.

Weight Loss is a sign that your dog is not well and it ties in with appetite and food choices. Weight loss indicates your dog is not eating enough food and this could be from a variety of reasons from: gastro-stomach problems, digestion is not normal and the dog is not absorbing the nutrients from the food it eats. Some diseases like diabetes or insulin problems could be the culprit in weight fluctuation either more weight or less weight.

The Amazing Abilities of Dogs

June 8/11     The Amazing Abilities of Dogs

The amazing ability of dogs worldwide, never ceases to benefit us humans and in the many ways they serve their fellow man.

While we are asleep, or working dogs are on the job sniffing bombs at airports or at international borders and areas in war zones to sniff out the chemical components of bombs.

The dogs are trained as puppies to find chemicals and are able to detect 12 different chemical components that make a bomb.

The odors are undetectable by human smell but these amazing Sulimov Russian dogs are able to find bomb chemicals before a man could find it.

The Sulimov Dog

The Sulimov dog is a Russian bred hybrid which mixes a Siberian Husky with a Jackal.   The cross bred was started by Klim Sulimov who was the chief breeder at the Aeorflot airline security company.

The dogs are capable of herding Arctic reindeer in extreme temperatures and high heat which make them adaptable to Russian weather extremes.

The Sulimov Dog-Bred for Bomb Sniffing and Cold Temperatures in Russia

The Sulimov Dog-Bred for Bomb Sniffing and Cold Temperatures in Russia

National Geographic Video features the ability of the Sulimov dogs that have initiative that have their own abilities to know what to smell and where to go. The dogs alert the trainers by barking that there is a discovery, also seconded by another dog.

The amount in the sample was smaller than a grain of sand, but the Sulimov dog found it in a purse at an airport during a drill. These dogs are amazing trackers and have saved many lives by their ability to work for us and protect us from terrorist bombs.

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Anal Problems in Dogs

May 27, 2011  Anal Problems in Dogs can cause bowel obstructions and need to be attended to frequently to ensure your dog’s health.   Usually the anal sacs on both male and female dogs need attention and also cats can have clogged anal sacs that are clogged.

If left unattended this will cause problems with the dog or cat relieving itself and a build up of toxins in their bloodstream through an inefficient elimination system.

How Anal Sacs Work

The anal sacs fill and empty usually every day however when stools are running they get clogged up and cause pain at times.  These sacs must be squeezed out or as it is called expressed to keep bowel refuse moving efficiently. If your dog is itching in that area it is most likely causing soreness from the blockage. Smaller dogs have more problems with anal sacs than do larger breed dogs but all dogs have the same anatomy therefore dog owners should be aware of this very necessary but often messy procedure.

How to Treat Anal Sac Build Up

Usually you can have your vet do this but most dog owners perform this procedure at home and it is much cheaper, plus your dog will appreciate the care you give to do this for them.

Signs of Anal Sac Problems

Usually your dog will try to scoot that is drag its butt along the ground to relieve the blockage and itching.  Or, the dog will lick its butt more often to relieve the soreness or the anal area will be actually swollen with some leakage.

Some Quick Solutions

Put a warm cloth on your dog’s anal area for at least 5 minutes as the warmth will relieve the soreness and do this 3 times a day.

You can also make a warm bath for your dog to sit in outside which will be more comfortable for at least 10 minutes twice a day.

Diet for Anal Health

If your dog has runny stools you need to add more fiber to their diet and the usual method is to add a teaspoon (per 30 pounds of dog weight) to their dish.  A half teaspoon for smaller dogs and a quarter teaspoon for even smaller dogs at feeding times.  Use ground flax seeds or flax seed oil will help relieve the itching and provides the fatty acids your dog needs for good healthy bowels.

How Often Do you Need to Express Dog Anal Sacs

Depending on your dog’s diet and breed usually most dogs do not have the symptoms of blocked anal sacs and some dogs do not need this done in their lifetime.  Keep an eye on your dog’s bowel movements and the symptoms such as itching, licking, scooting and look for visible signs of redness or swelling around the anus area.

At times there is an odor to your dog and this is also a sign that you may need to express their anal sacs. This goes for cats also.  Some dogs will need their anal sacs expressed every two weeks, some every three weeks or so depending on symptoms.  If you increase the fiber content of their diet it may often cure any blockages of the anal sacs.

How to Express Your Dog’s Anal Sacs

It may be messy but it has to be done and in this video the instructions are fairly simple to do this at home and save money.

Video of How to Express Your Dog’s Anal Sacs
In this Video Dr. Andrew Jones DVM shows you how to perform Anal Expression in a Dog

Supplements for Healthy Anal Glands


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Clark the Talking Dog-You Tube Sensation

May 13, 2011 Clark the Talking Dog-You Tube Sensation

You may have seen this on You Tube, but it is hilariously funny video of a dog being teased by the tempting food in the refrigerator.

A Canadian from Halifax turned on the world with 17 million hits on his video of Clarke the Dog.  Pass this one around -to all your dog loving friends.