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Are Commercial dog foods(canned and dry) responsible for the rapid deterioration of dog health since the 70's?

Vets report more disease and much greater level of dental decay in dogs over the last 20 years. I hear in US they even have dog dentists for god's sake!

This coincides with the introduction of the widespread use of commercial dry and canned food.

I often work in the country and I notice dogs fed on meat, bones and scraps seem to be in superior health to those feed the convenience diet of a can or some dry.

Some country vets have told me the natural, unprocessed diet is the best.

Can man produce food in some factory as good as nature or is he just having him self on?

Some owners who feed the commercial stuff tell me their dog likes it and he seems ok but I wonder about the long term effects on a dog of a diet that may be internally foreign to him.

I encounter a lot of old dogs who develop degenerate diseases which some vets suggest is due to a processed diet with is unbalanced and deviod of a lot of enzymes.

CDF is convenient, cheap and less work for the owner.


Does anyone how to feel for puppies in the mothers belly, or has done it before? If so can you explain, if not, do you know how a site?