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Dog Training Product Review

Dog Training

Dog training is probably one of the most tedious parts of owning a dog. It is grueling repetitive work. When puppies nip, chew, or behave badly, and ignores commands, its enough to deal with besides the separation anxiety when we leave the house. We will be devoting much time on this subject due to its importance in your dog’s life.

When you are out with your dog, behavioral problems can cause your dog to seem anti-social to other dogs. Some frustrated owners even resort to spiked Dog Collars, or an Electronic Shock Collar!! In some cases the dog is put on drugs such as Prozac. These are all fairly drastic measures to be shocking a dog, yet a lot of these products are sold daily in pet food stores. House training is also stressful and some professional secrets are definitely worth looking into especially when you and your dog are stressed out with the whole process of dog training.

If your dog is a digger, especially in your flower beds, its time to take on some obedience training.It really depends on what you want to accomplish with your dog and whether it is at the puppy stage, or an older dog of 1 to 2 years, which is the optimum training period of a dog’s life. Whether your dog is a home companion who listens to you, or a show or competition dog, your goals are the beginning step and finding good training methods is the second step.Before you go out and spend hundreds of dollars on these shock collars and pronged collars or an hourly expensive trainer, try doing it yourself. We have reviewed many training products and found that the most popular with the best results are training programs from Sit, Stay, Fetch.Since you will be spending more time with your dog than the trainer proceeding with an owner and dog training program can provide you with many benefits.

Training your dog yourself builds a more solid and lasting relationship between you and your dog. Dogs do want to behave and please their owners and they will, given the proper training and time.Dog training classes are group classes and although one benefit is they do train the dog to ignore distractions, but this does not take the place of one on one training required for behavioural problems. Those you must handle using proper training methods.Out of control dogs, need a training program, excessive barking, chewing on furniture, jumping and pulling on the leash as well as house mess ups are all behavioural problems, often with your hand and some good guidance can be overcome. Especially if your dog is people aggressive, and dog aggressive at the same time, the classroom is not the place for these problems.

Obedience classes are not a place for dogs to socialize with each other or play time, it is often the owner that needs training on how to train their own dog.Sit Stay Fetch is a program, that allows you to take control of your dog, with easy to understand step by step instructions. Some dog owners who have used this dog training method talk about their success at dog training:

Lyn from Fortitude Valley, Queensland Australia stated “I purchased the Sit/Stay/Fetch after I acquired a second puppy that was seven weeks old. My first puppy a male then 14 months old was a little bit aggressive with her. Now my puppies eat, and play together very happily”.

Carla from Long Beach, California said “I love Sit, Stay, Fetch. I rescued two German Shepherds and I did not know anything about dog obedience. One of my dogs was quite aggressive with other dogs, and crazy about chasing cats and squirrels. What I like about your book is that you give insights into what the dog is thinking, why they behave the way they do, and tips on what to do to correct the problem. I have learned so much from your instructions, and my dogs are now following my commands and I am able to control them. Thanks for the great book”.


There is even a cat training guide available for cats and a cat care guide. This resource is invaluable for cat owners who’s cats aggressively bite or scratch people, go into garbage, or jumping on places they should not go to. A well -behaved cat is a joy to behold. These products help you obtain the best relationship you have had with your cat. Fixing cat behavioural problems can be tricky, whether a new cat or an older cat you want to do it the right way from the start. Professional cat trainers cost hundreds of dollars, and sometimes there are little results.

Sit Stay Fetch Dog Training Review

Sit Stay Fetch Dog Training Review

Lanesa from Boise, Idaho says “Your book has shown me that cats are just as smart as cats! Why don’t other people train their cats? They can do everything dogs can, and they are so much cuter! I’ve had so much fun training my cat to come on command, jump on command, walk on two legs and have obedience trained her not to jump up on the kitchen counter. She is also behaving a lot better when I go to cut her nails.”

If you are experiencing problems with a Cat’s destructive attention seeking behavior, or how to get your cat to go in the right place, overcoming separation anxiety, selecting the right Kitten for you, and stopping the scratching and the spraying these behavioral problems can be helped with a good training program.

For more information on Sit, Stay, Fetch click on below:

Sit, Stay, Fetch

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A Dog Bakery

A Dog Bakery

A report from Singapore where they opened a Dog Bakery has been circulated on the news network.  As we all know that idea has been around for quite a while in this country.  I remember Three Dog Bakery when it first established a store way back in the late 1980’s, and they were the World’s First Dog Bakery.  It reminds one of that era and my college years when the rock group “Three Dog Night” were churning out great songs.  That rock group, appeared in Milwaukee a few years ago, are still rocking, although we are all somewhat older rockers.

Since those early years, Three Dog Bakery has exploded and now have Dog Bakery Franchises all over the world, Dog Recipe Books, and very healthy products which have been honed through the years with meticulous care of choosing ingredients to tantalize your dog’s palate.  There are predictions that this chain will increase in numbers in the coming years, with the explosive news of the dog food scandal, and the popularity of these doggy treats. Recipe books from Three Dog Bakery encourage pet owners to turn on that oven and make some at home, its fun to bake cookies, and could include the whole family and in turn you are providing your dog with some wholesome tasty snacks.  Your dog will also appreciate them so much. We will be judging the best Dog Biscuit recipe contest, in upcoming articles and invite you to enter your best recipe when you subscribe to our Newsletter, on our website :

The Singapore bakery opened in 2004, is a bakery that only caters to dogs is located on a busy traffic route in Singapore. It has taken them this long to clone our Three Dog Night Bakery and discovering just how good we can be to our dogs. The named of the bakery is  “US Doggie Bakery”. You have to wonder if the humans have to wait outside chained to the fire hydrant, or whether they are allowed to eat the treats?   The question is why did they established it in a gas station, perhaps it is a pit stop for your dog and your car? Dog food at this level, is supposedly safe for human consumption except for items that are not geared to humans.  You would expect common sense would prevail, and people would eat their own food. The trend of better products available for our pooches is catching on around the world. After perusing the product line it does not compare to Three Dog Bakery.

The Singapore bakery product line consists of such items as:  Mini Pizza, Chicken and Cheese, and Quiche that contain no preservatives or no salt, but they look rather bland from the pictures seen in the news item released a few days ago. However, Three Dog Bakery has such ingredients as: Garlic, Apples, Wheat, Egg, Milk, Honey, Vanilla, Blueberries, Cranberries and Molasses.  The wheat used is wholesome, which means no additives, all natural and comes from whole grains which adds more fiber and vitamins.  Three Dog Bakery has a team of experts that track down the best wheat producers – and conduct extensive research to get the finest ingredients for our dogs health.  The whole pet food industry is on alert since the pet food scandal of March 2007, and there is a need for more diligence in the  standards on ingredients that go into our pet food chain.

Apples? Dogs eat apples? Blueberries? They sure do. Last night my dog was chasing a little green apple apple around the park, and chewing on it, how is that so much better than a rubber ball?   Its nutritious, its fun, it’s a little green thing that the dog’s brain thought was great to chase, its biodegradable, and best of all the dog ate it.  No garbage, and no harm to the environment.  A natural diet will increase your dog’s metabolic rate, helps to regulate hormones, and cope with diseases. Most dog owners know the nutritional needs of our dogs and they are:  Proteins and Amino Acids, Fats and Fatty Acids, Energy Needs, Vitamins, Minerals and water. 

Pretty basic stuff, we don’t need a degree to resolve that question, and its very similar to a human’s nutritional needs to keep us health and alive.  It seems that other countries are following the lead of our entrepreneurs who are catering to a whole new world of pet foods and treats for our favorite dog with quality in their products.

One must guard against over feeding with this abundance of dog treats, and watch the caloric intake and fat content.  If your dog is getting overweight you can see the fat deposits on its back, and the waistline seems to disappear.  Dog obesity is now a great concern amongst pet owners, of both dogs and cats. One out of four pets has an obesity problem, and it can increase with age and lack of exercise, which is another reason to keep an eye on the calories of treats.The health risks are diabetes which was once rare amongst the dog population is now an epidemic.  A boring lifetime of commercial based pet foods has made its contributions and other refined carbohydrates are also factors in dog obesity.  Dogs do eat meat, but they are not strictly chained to meat products.

The diet of a dog can include a wide range of vegetables, and plant based proteins.  Older dogs need more protein to maintain good health and high energy products.

As our earth is heating up this summer, just a reminder that In these dog days of summer, we also need to insure proper hydration and that means water bowls everywhere, inside, outside and on the road trips.  Let your dog stay in the shade, not direct sunlight if you are outdoors and only for short periods of time.  Take your dog for walks in the early morning, rather than later in the afternoon, or later in the evening when it is cooler.   Pour water on your dog if you feel their temperature is very warm.  If your dog is panting heavily that is a sure sign of overheating, to prevent heat stress keep them indoors.  Water is a basic necessity for your dogs health at all times.  In these hot summer days, keeping a dog at home in the air conditioning is preferable than bringing them with you on shopping trips, even if they are short ones.

In summary, to insure a properly balanced diet there is much room for improvement in the dog food industry and we look forward to the these changes so that the fear of feeding our dogs becomes less of an issue in making good nutritional meal plans for our best friends and offering them a treat thats good for them.

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Dog Treats

Some dog foods cause problems for your dog’s teeth and even the most harmless looking treat can create a high pet health bill. Almost 90 percent of our dogs are eating processed foods, which have changed over the years. By the time a dog is 4 years old they already show signs of a build up of tartar and some staining.

Where is this coming from?  I remember when I was a child, the butcher’s scraps and raw meat bones would be allocated to the local pets in our town.  They would chew them for hours and apparently they were very potent in vitamins and minerals. Bones are not only a dog’s favorite thing to chew on, but also provides more essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals in a natural way, since dogs love to chew on them especially if they are raw.  I remember the old saying “ Give a Dog a Bone”  which apparently still holds true today. Not only do bones provide hours of enjoyment but they serve a purpose in cleaning teeth, massaging the gum areas, exercising jaw muscles and help to stimulate the immune system.

Today’s modern day pet owners are much more discerning of the type of products they buy for there pets, especially dog treats.  The assortment of products today may pose heath problems especially with the materials used in these products. Some products are bacteria laden by products of the human food industries,  that are made into  dog treats. These often are preserved by toxic chemicals such as BHT, and other preservatives.

Brittle dog bones, such as those made from rawhide can  also  break apart and the small bits can cause an obstructions.  Also dog’s can completely break a tooth on the hard rawhide type products. While some may claim these products are safe, our standards are changing rapidly in this industry.  Dog chew products made from beef jerky treats, smoked pigs ears, smoked hooves and similar products must be checked for production handling and ensure their safety.

Our own human food chain has evolved, with the modern, up to date trends of consumers demanding more “natural” products and less handling in the system. One has only to look at our grocery stores, and see the world ” organic” popping up on all the shelves, including free range chicken, organic hormone free beef, and naturally grown labels to appease the consumer.  So this is trickling into the pet food industry, to insure proper health and optimize nutritional content of dog foods.

Raw bones can be given to your dog, for they can be digested quite easily.  If you look back a couple of hundred years,  there weren’t many choices other than raw bones. Today pet owners have choices and can buy organic products.  Organic bones can be found at your local organic product store, or farms.  Check in your area to find farms and meat producers, and purchase raw bones for those added vitamins and minerals to ensure your dog’s health and enjoyment.

Other alternative products that are derived from organic production will also be safer.  Not only will your dog be happy, but also healthy and your pet healthcare costs will be reduced dramatically.

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Dog Food Nutrition

Dog Nutrition

Recently, since March, 2007, we have all been subjected to the chilling effect of learning that dog food contained poisons, that killed a lot of our pets. Besides the devastating deaths we learned that dog and cat food is tainted and also contain many useless additives that offer little nutritional value.

To this date in July, 2007 it is still a growing concern, with many pet owners, changing their dog’s diet completely. It has left the Pet Food industry to scramble to improve and clean up their pet food ingredients and it was a long time in coming to this point.

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How do you make homemade dog food?

I am pretty satisfied with commercial dog food and I have no problem sticking with it, but I would just like to know how to make nutritional homemade dog food. My dogs are a golden retriever, beagle, and dachshund if that information is needed. I would like advice also, like what supplements to put in the food, and the right portions, and a professional website would be the best. I don't really want just homemade dog food that isn't any better than commercial dog food. Please help out. Thanks.