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Embrace Pet Insurance Review

Every pet owner thinks about the future of their pet’s health needs from the possibility of contracting a disease to an unfortunate accident. Pet owners know that veterinary care is getting very expensive each year costs are going higher.

There are some pet owners that unfortunately are led by financial restraints to put their pets to sleep rather than facing thousands of dollars to save their pet’s life. It can be a debt that can wipe out a savings account and it is not unusual for diagnostic procedures to be out of reach for most pet owners.

How Embrace Pet Insurance Works

All pets are not the same breed of dog or cat or have the same susceptibilities for certain diseases and health problems and Pet Insurance is also different depending on your needs.

Most all plans are called Indemnity insurance which means you pay the cost up front for a trip to the vet.
The insurance company pays you back after applying a deductible if that is how you set up plan. The key is to negotiate your deductible with the company.

Get a Quote

The quickest way to find out your needs and the cost of a dog pet insurance plan or cat insurance is to get a quote from a company.   We have chosen Embrace Pet Insurance which offers a free assessment of your pet health insurance needs.

Pre-Existing Conditions with Embrace Pet Insurance

Some people asked about pre-existing conditions of their pets to be included in their pet plan. If your pet does not have a pre-existing condition before you sign up then it will be covered from the start of the pet insurance policy.

Embrace Pet Insurance handles all pet claims to cover pets that develop new health issues. If your dog has a ear infection which it never had before, treatment will be covered under your policy. If your cat never had a previous kidney disease it will be covered with your cat insurance policy.

Get a free assessement – its your insurance for a healthy pet cat or dog.

All in all its worth the time to explore pet health insurance coverage for your pet.

To get a free health pet insurance quote from Embrace Pet Insurance today. Embrace Pet Insurance can custom tailor a plan just for your pet to ensure coverage in case of an accident or health issue.

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Originally posted in September 2008

Updated: July, 2009

Pedi Paws Product Review

Pedi Paws Product is Great!
Finally some one has come up with a tool for nail trimming my dog’s nails. I have struggled with the clippers and unfortunately sometimes harming my dog in the process causing some pain.
The reason you must trim your pets nails is because it helps them walk better and does not spread out their toes in an unnatural manner.  To keep your dog’s toes healthy and keep your dog running well the nails should be trimmed regularly.
The regular clippers do not guide you as far as how much to remove safely because generally they crush the nail while cutting through it. This product is gentle and cannot crack or split the nail so its much easier to trim the nail smoothly.
I am sure you hear the tap tap tap on the floor when you dog is walking on a wood or solid floor, that usually is a sign you need to get trimming. When your dog or cat’s nails are too long they get caught and can damage furniture, carpets and floors.

I have ordered this product as quickly as I could and it works fantastically for Whoopie and easier for me to handle than the older style clippers which are just as expensive.  Just use it gently let your dog get used to the tool, and follow the instructions.
The proper way to trim your pet’s nails is from the bottom up not the other way around.  If your pet’snails are clear you can see the live part which is the pink blood vessels through the nail.  Regular clippers will crush the nail and cause bleeding and pain. If this occurs you must use a styptic powder and put tissue paper on it until it stops bleeding and then put a bandage on it.
That seems like a lot of work and is painful for your pet. If you watch this video by clicking on the link it will show you how effortlessly you can trim your dogs paws.
If you have trimmed your dogs nails sufficiently you should not hear that tap tap tap sound on the floor. The nails should not touch the floor
Bonus: They actually have a bonus offer that includes a free Shed Ender for removing trapped fur in the undercoat of your pet, and you will receive it at no extra charge.
You can order Pedi Paws here: Order Pedi Paws
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Does Your Dog Need Yearly Vaccinations?

 Some holistic veterinarians believe strongly that vaccinating your dog or cat each year is not necessary and in some cases can prove to cause life threatening diseases.

The jury is still out on the link between human vaccines and the onset shortly afterwards of autism in children.

Dr. Shawn Messonier a DVM is a holistic veterinarian that wrote a book Bible for Dogs and Cats where he outlines the potential harm from vaccines for pets.

Such illnesses as cancer, allergies, and autoimmune diseases are blamed on vaccinations by many veterinarians especially when given each year.

Dr. Messonnier recommends that you ask your vet for a titer test which is a blood test which is done yearly to see if your dog “needs a booster”.

A Titer Test uses a serial dilution and tests how much antibody your dog has in its blood before you order your veterinarian to give your dog vaccinations. The blood is sent to a laboratory to determine the analysis and the results are returned to your veterinarian and you can get a copy of the report yourself to keep a record.

The results are given as a number and the higher the number the healthier your dog, and the lower the number means your dog needs a booster.

Some vets still cannot decide what number determines the need for shots and suggest you give them regardless of the results. Some dogs will not need shots every year and can go 3-4 years without a booster, and others will need them only every 5-10 years.



The titer test costs roughly $ 60.00 and it tests for distemper, and the parvovirus rather than just vaccinating indiscriminately without knowing whether the pet requires a booster.

When you consider the lifespan of an animal from 10 to 15 years or more usually the initial vaccination and a booster 1 year later is sufficient for the life of the animal.

The advantage of the test is that your dog will not receive too many vaccines which can harm the immune system and your dog will remain healthier. It is worth the cost of the test and far less expensive than needless vaccines.

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 I never met a needle I liked.