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Dog Health and Itchy Skin

Dog Health and Itchy Skin-The Season of the Scratch

Updated August 4, 2011

The season of scratching dogs is fast upon us with the irritable skin rashes, hives, eczema, and sores from fleas. Pet owners need to attack the problems not the symptoms and that comes from good dog health information.

The summer flea season drives your dog and you crazy with constant scratching your dog’s skin becomes irritated and your dog will be miserable all summer.  The health of dogs is attacked in two ways on the outside for skin and coat applications and on the inside to promote healing at the cellular level.

Dog’s Allergies

Most dogs are now allergic to food ingredients due to poor quality dog foods on the market.  Either chemicals, dyes, additives, and undesirable ingredients in dog food cause you dog to have itchy skin.

Switching to an organic diet for your dog will alleviate this problem completely in most cases.
Most common causes of skin itching can be pin pointed to: Fleas or mites,
the environment, nutrition and allergies.

Handling Dog Itching from the Inside

Smaller irritants such as sarcoptic mites, fleas, allergies, and scabies all cause inflammation of the skin and treating the symptoms rather than the problem is not the way.   Some chemical mixtures make matters worse and that type of itching comes from the chemicals.
There is a pet skin care formula that does work to relieve your pets irritations and rashes.  Vetinox has a product called Derma-IonX which relieves pet’s skin irritations and is safe and natural.

Derma-IonX contains only natural homeopathic ingredients such as: selenium Metallicum, sulphur, Alumina, Urica Urens, Agaricus Muscarius which is an all natural homeopathic remedy solution made of 74 organic trace minerals, purified water and potassium sorbate.  These ingredients cannot be stressed enough to help your dog reduce the inflammation of dog’s itching.  Derma-IonX reduces rashes, hives, eczema, and red skin itching spots that eventually lead to your dog losing its fur.

To take it one step further Derma-IonX helps to regenerate new cells needed for your pet’s health and well being.   This formula also detoxes your dog’s cells from a build up of heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides and other substances in the cells.  This product also provides needed electrolytes and
oxygenates your pets tissues.

How is Derma-IonX Different than other Products:

Basically Derma-IonX is a liquid which you can put in your dog’s water bowl or administer by a teaspoon.  This product helps support your dog’s skin to heal not like other products that only addresses the symptoms of dog itchy skin.  Wouldn’t you rather eliminate the problems rather than the symptoms?  It is more cost effective to address the issues of itchy dog skin problems.

Handling Mites on the Outside – Mite Shampoo

Pet owners do not appreciate chemicals in their dog shampoos and when you wash your dog you don’t want the shampoo to cause more skin itching due to the ingredients.

You want to use an herbal shampoo with all natural ingredients that cleans and promotes healthy dog skin and fur.

The bad ingredients in pet shampoos today are parbens, sodium laurel sulphates and petrochemicals that make your dog worse.

Do not buy dog shampoos from pet stores or your local super stores,  since these products are made in China with harmful ingredients and chemicals.

Most of these products are made in China and are not inspected by the US government and therefore contain chemicals which are not approved for pet use.  You are totally on your own if you use them and have to face the possible consequences of making itching worse.
PetAlive Manage Mites Shampoo

We recommend Manage Mites Shampoo from Pet Alive which contains only natural products are are made from herbs not chemicals. The shampoo contains natural ingredients such as Garlic, Agrimony, Wormwood, Neem,  and essential oils such as lemongrass oil.  The base ingredients are olive oil, grapefruit extract, aqua and coconut oils.

Use these all natural organic products for dogs this summer’s season of the scratch and you and your buddy will be enjoying the sunshine without the terrible itching and scratching.

The Season of the Scratch

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