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What are some fun things to do with older dogs?

My bf and I have a seven year old Australian shepherd. She really dosnt show any interest in toys, but really loves treats! She also likes walks but mostly lays around when we come inside. Anyone have any experience with older dogs or any ideas about fun things to do that dont involve toys?

Any ideas to find people to adopt older dogs?

My friend recently lost his wife and she had several dogs. He works about 15 hours a day and just doesn't have time to care for the 3 remaining dogs.He has contacted his local non kill shelter and they are very full and I think hesitant to take in older dogs.
Im looking for creative ways to find homes for these dogs who really need more human attention than he can give. Thanks

Healthy Doggy Summer

June 13, 2010 A healthy doggy summer -a day at the beach and a picnic this video illustrates that dogs an have fun too. Summer is a great time to share some fun with your dog, take them for walks, a trip or a picnic dogs love spending time with you too.

Summer is the time to get out and enjoy your dog with long walks, picnics, swims at a nearby lake, or just hanging around tossing a ball or frisby with your favourite pal.

Summer is also a time for fleas and I found the best kit to work on fleas from the outside and the inside of your dog to avoid all that scratching and pain.  Fleas are thriving in the summer heat and it won’t take long for your dog to pick up some even in a park or beach.

Here is a kit that I found that has it all for all the Flea Care you Need This Summer. Again these products do not contain harmful chemicals, pesticides, or harmful solvents that burn your dog’s skin or cause cancer. We only use Natural ingredients and that means the ingredients come from plants, not a chemical factory.

Here is the Flea Kit

Only Natural Pet Severe Flea Care Kit for Dogs

The summer flea problem is a combination of heat and accessibility of your dog coat.  You can have a mild case where there are only a few fleas but remember they multiply fast.  Then there is a moderate or medium case where your dog scratches and this is recently within the past few weeks.  Then there is a severe case where your dog is scratching all day long at every chance because the poor thing is infected. This is a case where the fleas are biting you too and you can see them jumping off or when you comb your dog or are doing your brushing.

In any case this kit contains one ingredient you have heard about and that is garlic, fleas don’t like garlic much.   However this kit contains much more and is worth every penny.  Don’t spend hours and gas money going to find a store or several stores to buy what you need -it is all in this case:

You Get All This:  The Natural Pet All in One –  Flea Remedy, A Grip Easy Flea Comb, Only Natural’s Garlic and Brewer’s Yeast formula, a Herbal Defense Shampoo, A Herbal Conditioner, A Herbal Spray, and a Spot Skin Relief Oil, and finally the Flea Buster Powder for your carpets and dog’s bedding.
All In One Flea Kit is the best ever for attacking fleas on all fronts – not just a shampoo.  This is due to the fact that fleas are everywhere or can spread if you don’t start attacking them in all locations, the bed, the skin, the insides, the hotspots and it is effective in eliminating fleas for the summer.

There is a kit for Cats too:  same great ingredients no chemicals or pesticides in these products -ever. Fleas can cause skin problems like itching, bleeding, sores and sleepless nights for your pet. The dog flea infestation season is months long and nipping the problem in the bud is the best way to treat a dog flea problem.

Flea Kits for Cats too!

Only Natural Pet Moderate Flea Care Kit for Cats

From: Only Natural Pet Store

Ensure your pet is not getting these deadly ingredients and do not buy your products at Home Depot or some other chain -they do contain harmful chemicals. Enjoy your summer and check back for more dog health news and information.

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