Bed Bug Infestation and Dogs

August 22, 2010  Bed Bug Infestation and Dogs Back in 2008 when this site was first started, we wrote an article about the way dogs have helped mankind by their ability to sniff out bed bugs.

Our article sparked attention in the NY Times when a woman responded “what about the dog hair?” when we wrote that dogs were trained to sniff out bed bugs successfully.  See the Article

Bed bugs two years ago was a major problem but not to the extent that they have infested most of the United States.  Bed bugs are travelers and they travel with people in their clothes, suitcases and are quite mobile thanks to our modern travel methods today. Especially prelevant in US multiplex buildings and now movie goers can pick up bed bug hitchhikers at their local AMC Empire theaters.

Ohio also has its problems with a massive bed bug infestation and even the Dept of Defense was called in along with the CDC and the EPA.  All these government agencies cannot handle a bed bug infestation which seems to be spreading around the country.  Except for our faithful friends -our dogs.

Dogs can be trained to sniff out bed bugs and are used for various company’s that are hired to sniff out the problem areas.  Most often bed bugs feed on your blood at night therefore they are the Bed Vampires!  You can find bed bugs that like to hide in dark and narrow crevices in your bedding, behind your bed board, under your mattress, between the mattress and the box springs and elsewhere in the bedroom.    The bed bugs come out at night in search of a host that provides fresh blood and that would be you or your dog.

Bed Bug Sniffing Canines  The University of Wisconsin has hired dogs to sniff out student dorms with trained dogs.

Bella a 4 year old Lab is a Bed Bug Detection Dog

Traveling to places such as the Bahamas or in the Caribbean can expose you to bed bugs in hotel rooms. Bedding should be checked if you find any bites in the morning.

Travel Tips and Bed Bugs

When you travel and sleep in even the most expensive hotels you can pick up bed bugs and wake up in the morning covered in bloody sores and bites. If so remove yourself from the hotel and demand your money back. Shake all clothing or wash in hot water if you have been infected or bitten by bed bugs. Call the health authorities in the country.

You do not have to use Chemicals to Kill Bed Bugs- heat can kill them effectively without chemicals. IF you heat your home to over 115 degrees by a company experienced in this type of treatment they will kill off the bed bugs.

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