Chamomile Tea for Your Dog’s Insomnia

Is your dog restless, or stressed out with the blues or can’t sleep?


Frequently today, dogs are having a real problem with itchy skin, and lack luster coats.  We are so bombarded with chemicals daily that our dogs are surely suffering from the same problems.   Dogs also suffer from stressful situations or are just not in the mood for much even some others have depression.


Dry eyes due to indoor heating, air conditioning swirling around dust is a constant that affects your own eyes and your dog’s eyes.  The problem is the irritation it causes and redness and sore eyes for your dog.


Herbal teas are made from real plants that have healing properties for various health problems.  Unless your dog is in excellent condition there are many uses you can consider for herbal teas in your dog’s health regime.  


I remember as a child my mother made chamomile tea for settling me down – as I guess I was a little hyperactive scamp. The chamomile tea was soothing and it made me sleepy before bedtime although I was not fond of the flavor.


Herbal teas have been used since ancient times and by many different cultures.  They are considered “experimental” by scientists although they have a long and respected history. However this does not discount the fact that many pharmaceuticals are made from parts of plants such as Valium which is made from the valerian plant. 


Another drug like Vincristine which is used for its anti-tumor properties, is also plant based and has been researched by drug laboratories. Over 25 percent of pharmacy drugs are using components of a plant, as an active ingredient in some drugs but by no means all of the drugs on the market.  Before anti-biotic were invented in the laboratory the purple coneflower also known as Echinacea

was used for infections due to the powerful stimulating to the white blood cells that fight diseases.


Indeed in our modern culture we are sophisticated and knowledgeable about plants and their medicinal value by this point.


Chamomile Tea for Your Dog:


Chamomile has a myriad of health benefits such as it can improve digestion, and help your dog to sleep better.  My dog is a restless sleeper; she gets up and moves around from side to side.  She barks in her sleep and her legs are twitching as well as the front paws.  I call it barking but it is more like a muffled ” whoof whoof” sound.   I find chamomile tea to be very effective to settle her down for a restful nights sleep.  I usually give it to her one hour before bedtime and she then sleeps soundly.


You can add this tea to your dog’s water bowl or by sprinkling some on their food.  I prefer using the eyedropper for about 1 teaspoon in the mouth as it is quick and easy to do.


You can also use this herbal tea to wash and clean cuts or sores.  In addition if your dog has runny eyes it can be used as an eye wash to wash the bacteria away while it also soothes their eyes.  We can not forget that with air conditioning and indoor heating our dogs experience dry eyes or are subjected to dust in the air which irritates their eyes.


Simply brew a cup of tea for about 10 minutes, let it cool down to room temperature and add a pinch of sea salt and dissolve by stirring with a spoon.  If you are using loose herbs strain away the leaves after it cools down.

  Use a cotton ball and soak the cotton with the tea mixture and put on your dog’s eyelids for a few seconds, squeeze the cotton a little bit.   Use a new cotton ball for the other eye and repeat 2-3 times a day for a few days and you will see an improvement. 



Natural herbal teas have many applications for your dog and they are inexpensive, easy to prepare and readily available in your health food store.  While herbal teas are totally safe for you dog or cat, regular black or orange pekoe commercial teas are not recommended.  


If your dog has poor digestion or sleepless nights or the next time you and your dog need to relax you can brew a cup of tea for yourself and give some to your dog.


Written by:  Teri Salvador


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