Dog Health Advice- For Itchy Skin

In this time of restraint dog owners are trying to save money and keep their dog healthy and the best dog health advice is free.  A healthy diet is key for a dog and that can become a problem but also you can follow some helpful tips for various dog health issues.

Dog’s Itchy Skin and Sores:

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Dog’s itchy skin is more than likely to be caused by food ingredients and causes allergies and may require a change in diet. If your buying cheap dog food at Wal Mart your dog will get itchy skin and other problems. If your dog is allergic, has mosquito bites or irritation and is breaking out in skin sores or dry flaky patches:

Use Aloe Vera Gel straight from the bottle and apply liberally on the skin sores.  Also add a teaspoon per day to food or down the hatch, 2 teaspoons for medium size dogs and 3 teaspoons for larger dogs.  Aloe Vera Gel for dogs also soothes the stomach, and intestinal track.  Another tip is to bathe your dog in an oatmeal bath mix instead of buying chemical oatmeal shampoo at the pet store.

Make Your Own Home Made Oatmeal Bath for your Dog:

steel cut oats
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1 Cup Instant Plain Oatmeal (organic if available)

Coffee Grinder, Spice Grinder or Hand Grinder

** (For Large Dogs – use 2 cups of oatmeal)

Put the 1 cup of oatmeal through a grinder and grind into a fine powder. Put the powder into 1 cup of water and stir until a cloudy consistency or until mixed well. Put your dog into a bath tub and fill with enough water to cover at least half the dog’s body, let the dog soak for about 20 minutes while pouring the solution on its back and head. (not in the eyes).  Rinse your dog well and dry.

This bath will cost you about 50 cents in oatmeal and will save you about  $ 15.00 at the pet store, it is worth the effort to relieve your dog’s itchy problem. Repeat as necessary.

There are economical ways to keep your dog clean, healthy and stop the itching especially during the summer months.

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