Melatonin for Dogs

Previous research indicates melatonin is effectively used by veterinarians to help pets that are fearful, or exhibit signs of anxious behavior during a time of stress.


Articles written in the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association JAVMA dating back to 1999 in July illustrate that melatonin can be used for example with dogs that fear the noise from fireworks or thunderstorms.

Dogs with epilepsy have shown remarkable improvements with the use of natural substances that support and reduce the effects of anxiety, stress or traumatic accidents.

Some easily scared dogs go through debilitating reactions to lightening and loud thunderstorms where they will shake, or cower under a bed or closet.

The melatonin product is given before the expectation of your dog becoming fearful so that it may have a chance to get into its system to work properly. Usually 30 minutes before the anxiety becomes evident is a good measure of time.

timeframe to use for a dose.

The normal melatonin tablet is used and works best and not the sublingual form of melatonin. With humans melatonin aids in sleep but this effect is not experienced by dogs so they will not fall asleep, it acts most like a sedative to reduce fear, anxiety and calms them down.  Pet Alive has a new formula for Canine Anxiety and stress with vitamins and natural ingredients and has no chemicals or harsh drugs.

Genesis Canine Anxiety & Stress Formula for Dogs

Dr. Linda Aronson DVM has used melatonin with over 1,000 dogs with good results for months or years without side effects. One owner reported the her aggressive dog became less reactive during obedience training classes.

Also reported is the fact that melatonin was given at nighttime to epileptic dogs and it was effective in reducing pet seizures during the night.

The melatonin dosage with pills was as follows:

1.5 milligrams for dogs 10 to 25 pounds

3 milligrams for dogs 25-100 pounds.

For dogs under 10 pounds the 1.5 milligram tablet portion would be cut in half.

How Long does Melatonin take to work?

Melatonin will take effect in your pet in 10 to 15 minutes and is safe to use as long as necessary.  Order your supply here below.

Genesis Canine Anxiety & Stress Formula for Dogs

If you have an anxious dog you can ask your holistic veterinarian for further information for your pet and discuss how melatonin can help your dog naturally.

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Genesis Canine Anxiety & Stress Formula for Dogs

Melatonin for Nervous or Anxious Pets is calming yet nutritious at the same time it helps your dog regain stability during fearful events.  Or if your dog has experienced a tramatic event or accident this product will help to overcome its fear the natural way.

Updated: May 28, 2009

Melatonin For Dogs

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  1. If anyone still checks this site, I’d like to know how long the effects last. I’d like to find something for my 3.5 year old shepherd mix, Amber. I just moved and started a new job and I’m getting complaints from my new neighbors about her barking all day. Amber has had separation anxiety in the past so it doesn”t surprise me that a move and new routine would upset her. I can’t afford doggie day care right now, but I also can’t afford to let my neighbors get too angry that they might report me. Would melatonin help her for a 6-7 hour work day?

  2. I have 3 rescue dogs we adopted just barely 2 years old. When I have the time and weather permits they are out of their kennels a lot exercising and getting activity. I work nights and have to sleep in the day or evening. My husband helps me as he can, every since he retired he’s had his nights/days mixed up therefore not always the most help with the dogs. When the weather is bad wet, cold ,snowy they have to spend more time in their kennels. Lucy dog becomes very anxious at night when she has not been able to have increased activity and exercise. Lucy will cry and rock her kennel. I’m in fear of her waking the neighbors at night plus this is a real nerve irritant to me.. I love her dearly, she is a very loving kind dog I’ve been so frustrated that I have entertained thoughts of giving her away. I’ve been giving her 1mg of Melatonin and it has helped her sleep. Things are much smoother, now that her anxiety has decreased. I give her Melatonin with a little dog food. Lucy’s nights are now more relaxed/quiet. I did call my Vet re, and she confirmed with me that this is OK. I looked up Melatonin for dogs on the computer, this information is very helpful.

  3. Sara

    Thank you so much for your insight on traveling with my dog. My thought was to keep her here at home but unfortunately because we are traveling for a month no one is willing to take her in for that long especially with being summer everyone has their own vacations the want to take. So for this reason I thought it would be best to bring her along with us. I do know that in speaking with the airline company (I have called several companies and numerous times back with so many questions) some have told me that their hold cargo area for pets is climate controlled and that the temperature would be the same as in cabin. I guess I will have to make the tough decision of either not to go and visit my family overseas or take the chance of bringing her with me and hope for the best outcome with her traveling, but I have made the decision that if she does travel with me that I would not sedate her but rather give her the melatonin tablet. I gave her a melatonin tablet this morning prior to traveling an hour and half by car and she did very well, did not whine once like she normally does in the car. I did notice the difference with her and it was amazing the ride was so much calmer for her. Thanks again for your input and I guess I have a big decision to make. I would be devastated if anything happened to her.

  4. Hi,

    I have a 2 1/2 year old jack russel terrier and I am looking to travel overseas with her. Our flight inluding layover will be approximately 14 -15 hours. She has major seperation anxiety as it is and even traveling in the car she whines all the time. I am extremely nervous flying with her because she will have to be placed in the hold cargo area due to her weight being 3 lbs over the limit. The vet suggested giving her a light sedative to calm her down during flight but from all the research I have done on the internet it seems like using a sedative is not recommended for animals flying. I want to make it the least traumatizing for her and myself and it seems like the melatonin pill is more natural and no side effects on the dog. However I haven’t really been able to find any info on how melatonin would affect a dog flying and for how long it would last. She weighs 21 lbs. and how far prior to handing her over to the airline would you recommend me giving this to her. The other issue I am having is the fact that she has never once in her life seen the inside of a crate I just bought her one and her heart starts to race when I try to place her in there and she starts to shake would the melatonin also help with this issue. Would you recommend the 3mg as opposed to the 1mg or do they both last approximately the same amount of time. Please share your thoughts with me as I am a paranoid and nervous wreck pet owner. I am almost tempted in not taking this vacation just so I don’t put the dog thru this traumatization. The other thing that makes me nervous is that I know nothing of how the hold cargo area is handled when it comes to pets the airline did tell me that the climate control is the same as in cabin.


  5. Hi i was wondering my bullmastiff is 5 and started seizures 2 to 4 times a month and sometimes 2 to 3 a day. She has them in her sleep full seizures she piddles and shakes mouth open ect. I would like to know if melatonin will help ease them or stop them?
    Thank you Julie Sczerzen

  6. I work with a rescue group and have to face all type of fear and behavior responses from dogs. I can have a amiable dog and one thing can set them up to growl, snap or bite. I have found that using this dosage helps to take stress away from these dogs helping make their rehabilitation faster and more solid. Dogs are such creatures of habit and having the dog calm helps me help them. Thank you for the help.

  7. I have a desperately anxious/shy Border Collie rescue who came into my house as a foster 2 weeks ago. Although she has relaxed a bit and isn’t getting her head stuck in the wall trying to escape anymore, the anxiety is still fairly constant. She has made progress in the past two weeks and has allowed me to pet her and sleeps in my bed now.

    I’ve been looking for remedies to help her take the edge off, on a 24hr basis rather than for specific planed instances, will melatonin work for this purpose? She is already getting Bach’s Rescue Remedy in the water.

  8. I have a border collie/shepard mix. We have her clipped from time to time because of her hair growth. It helps keep her cooler here in Florida, however she is experiencing problems with her hair growing back in. She has several large areas, especially on her back near the tail that just isn’t growing back. I was told that “melatonin” is great for helping promote hair growth. If so, what would be a good dosage for her. She is 9 years old and weighs 60 pounds. Can anyone out there elighten me. Thanks.


  9. My 8 month old lab/golden retriever mix was found as a stray at 6 months, put in the humane society for a month then a foster home for 2 weeks prior to my adopting her. She is a perfect pet except that her separation anxiety is unbelievable. I have actually video taped her when I left the room…she barks and paces and rubs her nose against the crate until it’s raw. If I leave her outside of the crate and leave, she barks and jumps up and down at the door for hours on end. Would melatonin help her?

  10. Hi,
    i was jsut doing some research for my dog Midnight,shes been getting anxious latly and i think its becouase of the hurrican that is coming. i am really worried about her,the hurricans still days away and shes already restless,trying to get into the smallest places to hide in,i can only imagine how she will be when the storm actually hits. my dogs a siberiam husky so you can imagine her size and she dosnt like car rides,so i was wondering if our vet has to give her a check up and do test befor we can get her melatonin or if we can just go and get it without her?

  11. Just doing some research. Does melatonin leave your dogs sleepless? That is recorded as one of the side effects.


  13. so glad to hear about the possibilities of the calming effect of melatonin for dogs. I have a dog that goes bonkers if we have a thunderstorm. She developed this problem after Hurricane Katrina which was pretty rough on all of us. I am going to try this.


  14. What I find so wonderful about this is that it can help an epileptic dog.
    I wish this knowledge had been forthcoming when my Max was still alive.

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