Stem Cells Advance Cures for Dogs

Stem cells for dogs has been proven time and again to be effective in great improvement if not completely healing arthritis and bone disease for dogs and horses. The cost approximately $ 1,200 to $ 2,000.00. Compare this to the ancient method of a hip replacement for a dog which is $10,000.00 in the US and it is a no brainer. You wouldn’t subject your dog to painful surgery, drugs, 6 months of rehab and chances are a less than stellar result.

Which would you chose for your dog? The progress in human stem cells is being delayed due to the failed attempts that special interests do not want to cure disease. We all know that these special interests control the government with campaign contributions. Isn’t it time to fast track human stem cell treatments for people now rather than later? The reason many Americans have to travel to China, or offshore to receive stem cell treatments is because it is banned in the USA currently and is not happening fast enough to save the lives of those who are dying every day. Clinical trials in COPD stem cell needs to be made available now not in 10-15 years from now.

The Vet Stem Cell company that is advancing stem cell treatments for animals is quickly outpacing its human counter part research groups and laboratories who can’t seem to fast track their own studies.

We cannot afford delay in stem cell research-our dogs are getting better chances at recovery from disease that we can for our own bodies.

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Watch this video below and see the amazing results of stem cell treatments which are fast, economical and producing results.  Drugs, surgery, radiation and chemo are ancient medicine and represent failures in medicine.  You cannot cure cancer or diabetes or heart attacks by working against the immune system.  Stem cells are your immune system and they can regenerate and cure diseases.  Call your senator, congressman or representative and demand better medicine and better cures for diseases -don’t wait -call them today.

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  1. Wonderful, I understand the results are seen in a matter of days.
    Yes we have vets doing the stem cell work in Australia for Arthritis now…Costs $5,500
    I am waiting for the Stem cells to assist my little dog who is a paraplegia.

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