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Ruby’s Story

April 11, 2010  The story of a war dog Ruby that dates back to 1967 during the Vietnam war where a stray dog was found.  The story is told by a Vietnam veteran Bill McDonald and a dog. She was named Ruby and was in poor condition with mange and very thin from lack of food.

Ruby's Story

Ruby the Vietnam War Dog

The soldiers gave her nourishment in the way of some rice, dried fish, meat and c-rations, she was given a name Ruby and hung around the camp while soldiers fought the war.  The story continued as the war also did and fell in love when she ran away when bombs fell near the camp.  Ruby ran to another camp which had a bunker and a friend named Blockhead.

To get more war stories about dogs go to : The Vietnam Experience

If you wish to adopt a dog into your family and are capable of taking good care of dogs like Ruby go to the Human Society near you and adopt a good friend for life.

Human Society of America

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The Haiti Dogs

Jan. 23, 2010  Dog News – The Haiti Dogs Rescue People Under Rubble

The Haiti disaster on Jan. 12, 2010 has been a disaster of untold consequences to human life.  The problem is the rubble and people trapped under mountains of concrete and the US has send search and rescue to dogs to help save Haitians. 

These dogs sniff for human life and are finding people alive in Haiti and some are from the Search Dog Foundation in the United States. This organization was started in 1996 for disaster and is a non-profit and non-government organization which has helped firefighters find people in disasters.

The search teams are based in Florida and California and provide life saving searches for people. You can donate to this worthy organization by going to : Donate to Search Dog Foundation to save even more lives.

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One Nation Under Dog- Book Review

” One Nation Under Dog” is a dog book written by Michael Schaffer is a book every dog lover should read! As Michael puts us into the world of dog – and all the trappings of pet care we can see how this domesticated animal has turned into a family member. As I began reading about their “first dog” Murphy I recalled how I got my latest addition to the family and the joy of having a dog.

Murphy’s story is one of the doting parents who “for the love of dog” we follow in the same footsteps as Mike and his wife travel through the world of a 43 billion dollar industry growing into the next century. The history of dogs is particularly amusing and an eye opener for dog owners on what to look out for -in case you fall into the trappings of dog ownership.

Besides the dog lattes, Bully Sticks and puppy birthday parties – the upscale urban dog today the author takes us through pet bereavement to the pet food industry. The care and feeding of Fido is explained by looking at the stories of obsessions and the changes in our culture from politics to social morals and finally the economics of pet ownership.

If you own a dog you owe it to yourself to get this book and avoid your dog becoming a Prozac-Popping Puppy.  Just simply to avoid the dog park no-no’s and teach yourself how to get accustomed to the new world order – of the dog.

This is a must read book -and highly recommended-and special thanks to Mr. Jason Liebman of New York for sending us a copy of the book – it was a great read!!

You can pick up a copy here:


One Nation Under Dog

by author:  Michael Schaffer

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